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Chicago Cubs| Wrigley Field| My MLB 30 Parks Project

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field is located in Wrigleyville, a northern part of Chicago, and is the home of the Chicago Cubs of Major League Baseball. Opened on April 23, 1914, the ballpark is the oldest ballpark in the National League (the second oldest in the major leagues, after the Boston Red Sox). The original name was Weeghman Park, which was the home of the Chicago Whales of the Federal League. However, the Federal League was suppressed by the National League and the American League and quickly disbanded two years later. Wrigley Jr., the owner of the Whales and chewing gum tycoon, purchased the Cubs and moved the team here. , it has been 109 years since the stadium was built and it became a National Historic Landmark in 2020.

Stadium landmark Marquee

The gate behind home plate has a large red sign, the stadium landmark Marquee, which is a must-have photo spot when visiting Wrigley Field. The font of ART-DECO and the red background color allow people to see the information of today's game from a distant place.

Working dogs are allowed

I like to enter the stadium through this gate, because most of the highlights are here, such as the team store, the first admission certificate booth, and the memorabilia merchandise store that sells the day's game balls and players' game-used equipment.

Ball Park Facilities:

Cubs first-time certificate
Cubs first-time certificate

You can get a first-time certificate when you enter the major leagues for the first time. The Cubs first-time certificate is on the right side of the Marquette entrance near the team merchandise store. It is a free souvenir for everyone to take home.

Wrigley Field Concourse
Wrigley Field Concourse

Because Wrigley Field is relatively old, the design of the entire concourse is closed and you cannot see the gameplay on the field. When queuing, you need to watch the TV to know the plays of the field. However, the floor tiles, brick walls and Wrigley Field Green (special green, paint dealer Sold by Benjamin Moore, item number SC-62) are all features of Wrigley Field.

The merchandise store
The merchandise store

The merchandise store is designed on two floors. On the first floor, City Connect jerseys, player cards, and boutiques can be purchased.


Various dolls, special edition baseballs, socks, and mugs can be purchased on the first floor; the second floor mainly sells T-shirts, ball caps, jerseys, and bags and clothing. If you come before the game, there will be a large number of people queuing up, so it is recommended if you want to buy something, come as early as possible to avoid queuing at the beginning of the game or wait until the game is over to buy the souvenirs.

historical scoreboard
historical scoreboard

The most eye-catching thing in the stands is the historical scoreboard in center field. The fully manual score changing is just like my experience watching games at the old Taichung Baseball Stadium when I was a child. Someone would stand inside and change the number board. During the game, there will be holes in certain spaces where you can see the staff working inside and observing the game.

electronic scoreboard on the right field

This is the most recent installed electronic scoreboard on the right field. When it was first installed, there was a slight controversy because the outfield rooftop seats were blocked.

electronic scoreboard on the left field計分板
electronic scoreboard on the left field

There is also another large electronic scoreboard on the left field.

The friendly confine
The friendly confine

The term "The Friendly Confine" comes from "Mr. Cubs" Ernie Banks. He stayed with the Cubs for 19 years. His love for the game made him the Cubs' most famous and popular player, and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1977.

The field staff were wetting the infield before the game

The field staff were wetting the infield before the game. They are such professionals that they sprinkling the field with water evenly and the activity looks quite healing.

Manual scoreboard

When the game started, the center field scoreboard staff started working constantly by changing the scoreboard manually and unexpectedly we saw the Blue Jays score 20 points that day, and this handwriting board actually had a 20-point card!

Media room behind home plate

The broadcast staff in the media room behind home plate are busy working. You can see the Cubs broadcast unit of Marquee Sports Network. The portrait on the left is the famous Cubs broadcaster Mr. Harry Caray.

Stadium toilet index design

The logo of the toilet is also very clever. The head of the little man has turned into the Cubs logo, which shows the exquisiteness of the design of this big organization.

Men's toilet urinal

The urinal in the gentlemen room is very special and has a very traditional form. Perhaps this style is deliberately retained?

Seating Vision:

Upper Reserve Infield
Upper Reserve Infield

At Wrigley Field, special attention must be paid to the fact that there will be steel structure column supporting the roof, so some locations will be obstructed or the infield will be split into two portions, making it impossible to fully see the entire infield.

Terrace Box Infield
Upper Box Infield R

Behind the home plate is the Upper Box Infield (319R). I think the view from this area is very good and it is guarded by staff. You can clearly see the game.。

Upper Box Infield L
Upper Box Infield L

It will be a little complex to go to the third base side from first side. You have to go through the tunnel and go around the back of the Catalina Club to get to the Upper Box Infield (314L)

Field Box Home Plate
Field Box Home Plate

Behind the home plate on the first floor is the Field Box Home Plate (112~122). You can see the scoreboard extending from the infield to the outfield almost at eye level, and you also access to the skyline of the Wrigley Field.

Field Box Infield
Field Box Infield

Further toward third base is Field Box Infield (111), which is actually closer to the pitcher's mound than behind home plate.

This was shot with a 55-250mm lens
Same lens length to shoot home plate

From this distance, players can be clearly photographed using the longest lens specified by the Cubs(no more than 8 inches when extended).

outfield rooftop

Of course, the most special thing about Wrigley Field is the rooftop seats beyond the outfield. These are approved for sale by Cubs and can be purchased through the official website. However, the ticket prices usually exceed 100 dollars.

In-game Atmosphere:

Lindor 賽前熱身
Lindor warm-up before game

The foul territory of Wrigley Field is quite close to the seats, and you can clearly see the expressions of visiting team players practicing.

Pitcher warms up
Players in the visitor dugout watch the game and chat
100 level 中段可以自由進出沒有門禁
Player injury
小熊球星 鈴木誠也
Cubs star Seiya Suzuki
home run!

Fans will dance and sing to the music between innings. Among them, YMCA is the most resonant song and everyone will stand up and dance.

七局中"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"
"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" in Mid 7th

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game" will be sung in the mid seventh inning. The video shows Mr. Harry Caray leading everyone in singing, which gives a sense of time and space juxtaposed.

Fans will always be fans no matter how old they are

When singing, everyone puts their arms around each other and sings and sways to the melody. No matter how old they are, they will be immersed in the atmosphere of the stadium.

Outfield fans will bang the sign loudly to make a sound
Many fans will record the game results of the day
The fans’ shoes are eye-catching

After the Cubs win a game, the song "GO CUBS GO" will be played throughout the stadium, and the fans will sing loudly, creating a joyful atmosphere.

Cubs mascot holding an oversized W flag
You can see the lighting design introduced this year to see the W when the Cubs win the game
The W flag can also be seen on the center field scoreboard
Post-game interview after victory
The flag from the balcony behind home plate
The downtown skyline can be seen to the south from the terrace
Square outside the stadium
Cubs team building
Throwing the ball on artificial turf
賽後看板也會顯示CUBS WIN
The Marquette will also display CUBS WIN after the team takes the victory

Wrigley Field is a historic stadium in the major leagues. There are many interesting historical traces to see besides watching ball games. What’s even more amazing is that the Wrigley Field is evolving every year. This year, the right field has also increased the space for sports games, and the stadium lighting has changed into a LED changeable light set. The bars, mini golf bar and restaurants surrounding the stadium have turned the neighborhood into an entertainment area and one of the important living circles in the northern suburbs of Chicago.

Instructions for fans:

Shuttle service: After the game, there will be bus No. 22 (Loop), bus No. 152 (Lake Shore Drive), and bus No. 80 (Irving Park).

Gate Open: 2 hours prior to the first pitch

Bag Policy: Yes (16*16*8 inches fully transparent bag)

Payment policy: Cashless payment, you can bring cash to the stadium and exchange it for a stored-value card

Seat view: There are some spaces where the steel columns completely block the view. You need to go online to see the 3D seat map before buying tickets.

Home team dugout: The Cubs are on the third base side



Cubs official website:

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