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Parallel Lines

Times Square_ The Harrison Restaurant & Bar_ Broadway_ Ambassador Theater|New York|Medium New Yorker

Times Square

Times Square, the symbol of New York, should be the first attraction for first-time visitors to make a pilgrimage here. This is the first time in the past two years that I have felt the clutter of human voices and the rush of traffic.

Below 7th Avenue is the NQRW Line Subway

The heat of the subway came up from the manhole cover, it was an atmosphere of New York , both old and new.

M&M World

You can walk to Times Square after getting off bus at M&M World. Along the way, the distance of 100 meters is full of interesting pictures and sounds of shops and people.

Pedicabs in the city

Pedicabs carry tourists through the alleys of big cities. New York adopted a pedestrian-oriented street design in its original urban planning, so that the traffic flow is very large on small urban roads, and this kind of pedicab can move quickly.

Various billboards in the square

The billboards are even more like beasts, as if looking for prey hidden in the torrent.

TKTS Times Square
TKTS Times Square

Halfway through, you will see TKTS Times Square. This place is where all the tickets of the Broadway Theatre are sold. You can also buy Lottery tickets here to enjoy world-class stage plays at super cheap prices (but you must be drawn on the spot after signing and pay for tickets in cash).

Duffy Square George M. Cohan
Duffy Square George M. Cohan

Walking through Duffy Square, there is a statue standing at the end of the square. He is the playwright George M. Cohan (1878-1942). He was born in an acting family and became an actor since he was a child. Then after several years he became a playwright.

Although the first show in New York was a bad release, it was followed by Little Johnny Jones (1904) which was a huge hit and he won an Academy Award in 1942 with the Yankee Doodle Dandy.

The crowded square

There is an endless stream of people on the square, which is the real city that never sleeps. Every New Year's Eve, this place is crowded with tourists from all over the world. It is hard to imagine that the size of this place is not as big as the square in front of the Taipei City Government.

Broadway avenue

After enjoying a crowd (or rather shock) that we haven't experienced in two years, we head to Broadway, where we're going tonight.

The Harrison Restaurant & Bar
The Harrison Restaurant & Bar

For the first meal in New York, I need to fulfilled my mouth and then went to enjoy the show. It can be said to experience the life of the rich at the price of normal people. The Harrison Restaurant & Bar was our first choice tonight because of its relative location.


THE HARRISON BAR STEAK is my choice tonight, the butter melts into the beef and the aroma of herbs is like feasting on the vast grasslands.

Chicken Avocado Cheese Salad

My mom's chicken salad is also very refreshing, with cheese and avocado paired with fried chicken.

Across the restaurant is the theatre

More importantly, the atmosphere of the restaurant is very good. The theater is just across the road and can be reached easily. It is also convenient for us to pay attention to the movement of the theater at any time. About 30 minutes before the performance, the crowd gathers slowly, and taxis, courtesy cars and pedicabs are coming one after another. Arrive at the entrance of the theatre.


"Chicago," an American musical set in jazz-age Chicago, is a blatant satire of corruption and the notion of "star criminals" in criminal justice regulation. (Wikipedia)

ready to enter

Everyone stood on the side of the road and waited for the theater to open.


When entering the theater, each person will send a playbill to introduce tonight's content, actors and some behind-the-scenes footage. Of course, the advertisements and performance calendars of other plays are clearly listed. In the past, actors would hold autograph sessions after the play, but they may not have recovered after the pandemic.

stage appearance

The stage before the start, after opening, the performance of the band and the actors are integrated in one space with super interesting design.

Neoclassical Design Theater ornament

Postmodern architecture began in 1900. In 1920, it was the heyday of neoclassical design. This series of works emphasized ornaments, so the edge or façade of various materials highlight the use of organic shapes or natural objects. Plant totem presentation. Although the crystal chandelier on the roof is the only light source in the room, it is lightly scattered in every corner of the space。

Turn on different lights to turn into other colors

The Ambassador Theater belongs to the Style of the Adam Brothers, one of the branches of Neoclassicism. Style of the Adam Brothers was established by father and son Scottish architects William Adam, Robert Adam and James Adam. This style features pilasters on the façade, painted satin interiors, Roman totems on the walls, dandelions, vases, urns, sphinxes, or pastel color schemes.


Therefore, while enjoying the show, you can also enjoy the most gorgeous page of postmodern architecture in my opinion.

Theater stills, unfortunately souvenirs are little boring

Stills of actors in each period, how many outstanding Broadway actors sweat and talent on the same stage to satisfy audiences for generations.

times square night

After watching the show, I went back to Times Square to shoot the brilliance of the night and ended a perfect day.


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